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I began using the hashtag #notyouraveragegrandma, as a joke on social media,in early 2014, when I was doing a pretty intense at-home workout program that made me feel AMAZING!!! I was being silly but it was a way for me to express how incredible I felt, definitely not like a grandma and certainly not like someone in my mid 50s. 

Before I knew it, the hashtag had turned into a brand with a Facebook page, a website, a blog, a monthly newsletter, a YouTube channel and an Instagram handle! And now there's an online store with t-shirt designs!!! SAY WHAT?!?! 😲

It's so crazy how an idea just starts and then grows wings! You never know where a simple idea will take you... Five years later, it's my passion-filled business!!! And I'm committed to its continued growth.

Thank you for visiting my store! ❤

I hope you love your t-shirt and feel as unaverage as I do when you wear it! 

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